Insider Q&A

PCC’s Insider Q&A is a concise, tailored message that puts your company in a thought leadership position on a particularly hot topic. Your Insider Q&A will answer frequently asked questions on the chosen trend or issue that’s currently shaping the future. We will work with you to develop a powerful content piece that speaks to your company’s core strengths in the marketplace. And, we will drive engagement through our industry leading media brands.

  • Custom Insider Q&A — A 4-6 page “fireside chat” with an executive at your organization, discussing current industry trends and issues.
  • Dedicated Lead Generating eBlast: Promotion of your Insider Q&A to the relevant brand’s audience.
  • Native Advertising: Highlight your sponsored content on our site.
  • eNewsletter Banner Promotion: Reach our premium online community with your custom Insider Q&A.
  • Posted to the premium content section of your selected publication website.


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