10 Steps to a Solution

A perfect complement to Making the Case, 10 Steps to a Solution provides your interested prospect with a cohesive step-by-step actionable plan that addresses next steps, getting started and what’s involved in the implementation of your product or technology.

In 10 Steps, PCC will neatly walk end users/potential customers through the steps necessary to get up and running, from initial contact with the client, through implementation, to getting the product/solution successfully operational.

  • 8-to-10-page, step-by-step guide to a solution implementation.
  • Walks through every step of the process, from initial contact to needs justification and assessment, to site visit and project kick-off, to implementation and refinement.
  • Promoted with lead-gen eBlast, newsletter ads, and featured on our website.
  • Co-branded by PCC and your organization.


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