Engage with Creative and Unique Content Collateral

Let PCC Promote and Distribute Your Content to Our Qualified Audiences.

In addition to your client lists and prospects, PCC can distribute your custom content to targeted buyers of our media brands giving you access to the most influential buyers in your industry. Add a custom registration page that includes qualifying and buying intent questions giving your sales team actionable leads.

White Papers

PCC will work with you to put together a custom content piece on a topic that resonates with your audience. These thought leader pieces position your company as a leader in the field.

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Making the Case

Making the Case is an eight to 10 page testimonial written by our leading Peerless Content Creation editorial team that positions your technology, platform or service as an essential business solution. “Making the Case” addresses the decision makers’ pain points—ROI, real day-to-day benefits, and provides them with solid evidence to convince their company to invest.

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Making the Case Webcast Series

Supply Chain Management Review and Logistics Management will feature six 30-minute webcasts in our new Making the Case” Webinar Series offering an unique opportunity to position your technology, platform or service as an essential business solution. Present a strong case for your solution by offering real day-to-day benefits, ROI, and provide prospects with solid evidence for investment. 

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Guidebook 101

With a 101 Guidebook, companies can position as thought leaders by offering a clear, concise explanation of a particular service market, product or software/technology —any area that helps in improving supply chain management. 

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Insider Q&A

Insider Q&A is a concise, tailored message that puts your company in a thought-leadership position on a particularly hot topic. The Peerless Content Creation team will work with you to develop a powerful content piece that speaks to your company’s core strengths in the marketplace and places you on the forefront of thought leadership.

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Custom Content Digital Issue

With our Custom Content Digital Issue, we will help you assemble custom editorial content that will showcase your brand and content assets. Our editorial team will write an original cover story for your custom digital edition. Your custom digital edition will provide you with the ability to reach potential clients with an enhanced, interactive experience.

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Custom Email Newsletters

PCC will provide the content to match your industry focus and incorporate your marketing message into a branded Custom Newsletter that can be deployed to your audience.

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Podcast Q&A Series

Podcasts are very impactful at growing a company’s reputation as a credible, expert source. Our question and answer format helps you build a rapport and focus on your product or service’s unique attributes.

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Let us design a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Perfect for how-to, research statistics, timelines and flow charts.

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