Success Stories

“Making the Case” is a brief testimonial written by our award-winning editorial team that positions your technology, platform or service as an essential business solution. It addresses the decision makers’ pain points — ROI, real day-to-day benefits, and provides them with solid evidence to convince their company to invest.

Collaborating with PCC has helped us stay relevant in the constantly changing conversations in our market, enabling us to position ourselves as an industry thought leader. From topic selection and content creation to final layout and distribution, PCC is there at every step.”

Director of Marketing, US New Business, Kardex

White papers have generated qualified leads from interested shippers who have good fit and spend and genuine interest to learn more about PITT OHIO’s services. White papers are one of our best sources for new shipper leads.”

EVP/Chief Marketing Officer, PITT OHIO

“I have been an advocate for supporting multiple engagements with the PCC team for the past three years for one simple reason: They work! Honeywell is always looking for the development of well written and credible independent content that helps drive our digital marketing engine and
PCC delivers.”

Director, Supply Chain Marketing, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

Our Making the Case has become an integral component to Newcastle’s mainstream awareness strategy… PCC recently helped our Sales Director get a lucrative opportunity with Dollar General further down the sales funnel—as it provided powerful ammo to the Industrial Engineer who had to present the solution to his VP for approval.

Christine Wheeler Marketing Director, Newcastle Systems