Guidebook 101

Fundamentals Through Insight

Our latest PCC product delivers supply chain management fundamentals through the insight of your leading subject matter experts (SMEs). With a 101 Guidebook, companies can position as thought leaders by offering a clear, concise explanation of a particular service market, product or software/technology—any area that helps in improving supply chain management. By focusing on the basics, your SMEs will help managers understand how a specific service, product, or technology works and how its use will benefit warehouse/DC facilities, logistics operations and the overall function of supply chains.

Guidebook Basics

  • 8-to-10 page positioning piece created through conversation with our editorial team and your SME.
  • Dedicated eBlast to our audience to generate leads.
  • Guidebook posted on with custom registration page.

Suggested Guidebook Topics

  • Modes: Trucking, Rail, Intermodal, Air Cargo, Ocean Carriage, Parcel, and Last-Mile.
  • Services: 3PL, Freight Forwarding, Cold Chain, Reverse Logistics, and Ports or any service that helps shipers.
  • Software: TMS, GTM, YMS, LMS, or any specific software application.
  • Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation, Mobility/ADC, and Advanced Analytics.

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